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Steyer, James P.
CEO and Founder, Common Sense Media
Raising Kids in Today’s 24/7 Media World: The Challenges and Opportunities

April 3, 2009

James Steyer has spent more that 20 years as one of the most respected experts and entrepreneurs related to children's policy and media in the United States.  As founder and CEO, he is responsible for the overall leadership of Common Sense Media, the nation's leading nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing the awareness of the effects of media on children and their families. 

Mr. Steyer is also the author of the widely acclaimed book, "The Other Parent: The Inside Story of the Media's Effect on Our Children".  The book discusses how parents can and should be more involved in setting the "media diet" for their friends.  The book exposes the fact that children spend at least 40 hours per week engaged in some form of media (TV, music, video games, etc.); 30 hours per week at school and only 17 hours per week with their parents drawing the conclusion that media is serving as another parent to many youth.

Mr. Steyer will discuss the challenges media consumption presents

for raising and educating children and youth in the new millennium. He will provide an overview of the 21st century media landscape and the perils and possibilities it poses for our children, along with a framework of what parents, schools and communities can do to help kids today harness the full potential of digital media while avoiding the pitfalls.  





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