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Grendell, Tim and Varley, Chris

How can we capitalize on our biggest asset and sustain it for future generations?

April 22


Much of our region’s wealth is in some way related to our abundant water resources, and they remain a source of strength as we look to the future.  Can we capitalize on this abundant resource as we compete with areas with more limited supplies?  Will the recently passed Great Lakes Compact assist with regional economic development?  What new ventures are on the horizon that will capitalize on water?  Can regional research lead to the development of marketable technologies that will help to expand our standing in the national and international marketplace?


Our panelists will discuss these opportunities, describe recent progress and assess how we can support future efforts to capitalize on our water resources.  They include Senator Tim Grendell who represents the 18th Ohio Senate District, and Chris Varley, Generation Foundation Fellow for Sustainable Development at the Great Lakes Science Center.


Senator Grendell is a member of Environment and Natural Resources Committee and was a prominent figure in Ohio’s deliberations regarding the Great Lakes Compact.  Chris Varley is the President of Competitive Foresight, a strategic .consultancy offering management and advisory services.  In his role as a fellow at the Science Center Mr. Varley developed a business plan for launching a freshwater institute here in Northeast Ohio.




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