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Medical Mart: Toby Cosgrove, Tim Hagan and Chris Kennedy
The Medical Mart
A Special Forum at The City Club

June 29, 2009

The vision for the Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center began in 2005 to capitalize on Cleveland’s tremendous healthcare leadership. Since then, MMPI, County officials, and local health care institutions have been dedicated to turning the concept into a reality.

In 2007, Cuyahoga County Commissioners implemented a 1/4 cent sales tax increase to collect funds to support the development of a new convention center. MMPI diligently worked to identify ways in which the Medical Mart and Convention Center could be built within the anticipated funds and significantly improve the Convention Center.

MMPI evaluated more than 18 sites throughout Cuyahoga County and, with the urging of County officials, focused its efforts on three downtown sites including Tower City, the existing convention center, and the flats. They finally decided on the existing convention center.



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