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Jeff Campbell, Christine Zuniga-Eadie, Sam McNulty, Eric Wobser, Joe Frolik
Market Driven: How the West Side Market is driving a renaissance in Ohio City
A Panel Discussion

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - noon

Market-driven: how the West Side Market is driving economic development for vendors and inspiring a renaissance in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood.

The West Side Market, located in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, is a nationally-recognized cultural asset and community gathering place gearing up for its Centennial in 2012.  National research by the Project for Public Spaces and the Center for Neighborhood Technology has demonstrated that traditional public markets serve as natural business incubators for market vendors and also drive economic activity and real estate development in their surrounding neighborhoods.

Perhaps the best example is Starbucks, which started as a vendor at the Pike Place Market before exploding into an international economic powerhouse.  Local examples of success include Ohio City Pasta and Campbell’s Popcorn shop who have expanded their businesses beyond the Market and even Northeast Ohio.  Further, the Ohio City Market District has added 20 new artisan businesses and experienced nearly $40 million in private investment over a two-year period.

Sam McNulty recently opened Market Garden Brewery, a $2 million micro-brewery located directly adjacent to the West Side Market, the fourth business he has opened in Ohio City since 2005 and bringing his total number of employees to over 100.

Market vendor Jeff Campbell, proprietor Sam McNulty, West Side Market Manager Christine Zuniga-Eadie and Ohio City Incorporated Executive Director Eric Wobser will participate in a panel discussion moderated by the Plain Dealer’s Joe Frolik that will discuss the Market’s impact on small businesses and the Ohio City neighborhood at the City Club on July 26th



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