Current Speaker


Mark Gorton
Founder and Chairman, OpenPlans
Building Cities for People, Not Cars

May 9, 2012 at 5:00pm


Mark Gorton is the founder of Openplans, a group of New York City-based nonprofits that are using technology to help solve the problems facing American cities. The Openplans group of organizations includes Streetsblog, Streetfilms and OpenGeo, a leader in real time transit data applications.

Mark has a background in technology, as the founder of Limewire. He is also founder of a global quantitative trading firm that last week inspired the Huffington Post Headline "The Man That's Beating Wall Street."

He is a board member at Transportation Alternatives, New York City's bike advocacy group, which has helped establish New York as a national leader in cycling.

Mark's talk will focus on the problems that can arise from having a transportation system that is overly reliant on automobile travel, especially in urban environments.




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