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Want to know what is on our minds? Find blog posts written here, by the City Club staff, members, and partners. Every week you can find a new edition of #FreeSpeech in the News — a collection of related stories, commentary, and opinions on free speech in the 21st century that’s making the news. You’ll also find takes on current events, past forums, and issues surrounding Northeast Ohio. Read on for all things City Club.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Before Declaring another War on Terror, Let’s Consider What We Know

What do these attacks say about intentions or strategy? First, it is important to emphasize that not all of the facts are in on the Beirut, Paris, and Sham El-Shaikh attacks. It is not clear the extent to which these attacks were centrally conceived and coordinated by the Islamic State leadership in Syria and/or Iraq (ISIS) or more...

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Call for Submissions: A 2016 Race Anthology: Dispatches From A Segregated City

Cleveland is experiencing a particularly important moment. Even to say it like that doesn’t do it justice. This is the moment of Tanisha Anderson, Tamir Rice, Timothy Russell, Malissa Williams. It’s the moment of #BlackLivesMatter and the Consent Decree, both phrases that have become shorthand in our community for so much of what needs to...

Friday, November 13, 2015

Let’s Not Get Sidetracked by the “Gotcha” Debate

First we had “the summer of Trump.” Then came “Feel the Bern.” Just when you thought you could escape the latest Campaign 2016 neologism, you found yourself immersed in “gotcha” questions, the focus of the Republican Party’s charge that journalistic panelists at the third CBNC Republican debate asked questions designed to entrap the candidates. Except...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why Are We Still Battling Over Abortion?

Roe v. Wade was decided in January 1973.  It was the same month that LBJ died, when the U. S. ended its involvement in the Vietnam War, when the Watergate burglars went on trial, and when Harry Truman was memorialized at the National Cathedral following his death the day after Christmas 1972.  The month marked...

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Ta-Nehisi Coates On Dismantling White Supremacy: “Any Definition Of Race Always Depends Upon Power”

Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates is very clear on his role: Dig for the truth and get out of the way. “If you are going to be a writer you have to write into the wind. You have to say, ‘I’m prepared to do this and give my all, even if only 20 people read the book.’”...

Friday, November 06, 2015

Ohio Says No to Monopolies: Now What?

Following adoption of Issue 2 this week (full text available here), Ohio's constitution imposes special burdens on ballot initiatives that grant "monopoly, oligopoly[,] . . . cartel," set tax rates, or grant or other special commercial benefits. By its terms, the language added by Issue 2 purports to prohibit such things outright, but if an initiative attracts the necessary...

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