Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Brings Goodwill to the City Club

“Friends of Goodwill, be dissatisfied with your work until every handicapped and unfortunate person in your community has an opportunity to develop to his fullest usefulness and enjoy a maximum of abundant living.” — Dr. Edgar J. Helms, 1941


As our country heads into 2016, a year to be filled with political excitement, debate, pomp and circumstance, I find myself thinking about these words from Goodwill’s founder, Edgar J. Helms.  To me, Helms sums up every ideal our country is rooted in – freedom to dream, the opportunity to better one’s life, our civic duty to help our neighbors and the resilience of the human spirit. 

The power of contributing to one’s community and country through employment is something that many of us do not think about too deeply. But at Goodwill, we see human determination and resiliency through the power of work every day. When someone overcomes barriers to employment through Goodwill programming and obtains a job, his world becomes a brighter place, filled with pride, joy and hope for a better future. Local and national economic engines become stronger, too.

At Goodwill, we believe that every person has something to contribute. We think the American Dream is still very much alive and obtainable through the power of work. 

We encourage all to join Goodwill and The City Club of Cleveland on January 22 for a conversation with Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, CEO of Goodwill of Northern New England and the granddaughter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, on the importance of creating second chances for people to want to contribute to their family, community and country through securing gainful employment.

Please click here to purchase tickets.

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