City Club Releases 2017 Annual Report

On October 27, The City Club of Cleveland held its 104th Annual Meeting. It’s a bit breath-taking to consider that moment - 105 years ago - when Clevelanders, coming out of 12 years of Mayor Tom L. Johnson’s leadership, recognized that one way to maintain the “civitism” that characterized the era was to create a place dedicated to civil, civic dialogue on the toughest issues—a City Club.

That civic spirit is intrinsic in the Creed of the City Club which serves as our “North Star,” guiding us in our decisions and providing comfort in divisive times.  In this last year when our politics, our country and our communities seemed so divided, we’ve tried to remain steadfast in our mission to be “the City’s Club” and “to welcome to our platform the discussion of any theory or dogma of reform.”

In doing so, we’ve learned that the City Club is a spirit, not a space, and that, no matter how divided we think we are, our community’s thirst for understanding, for conversation, and for connection to each other and the world around us prevails.

And so we present our 2017 Annual Report. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the past year and know there is still more work to be done. We’re grateful to our members and supporters and look forward to collaborating with you in the next year to create more conversations of consequence that help democracy thrive.

Click here to view the City Club's 2017 Annual Report in Slideshare or to download a .pdf.

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