#DemsInPhilly: Day Four

In the last night of the DNC, Hillary Clinton finally took to the stage to formally accept her nomination. Like Donald Trump, she was introduced by her daughter. After a week spent humanizing Hillary as a mother, grandmother, and friend, and setting forth a vision for the future, Clinton took her time to talk not only about her own personal story, but about the devil in the (policy) details both for her and for the families that she works to serve - and, many argue, threw Donald Trump’s own words right back at him.



“Clinton's own remarks at the conclusion will not enter the pantheon of great American prose or political rhetoric. But no one had been reserving a place there. More importantly, she provided a fitting conclusion to the proceedings, meeting her own mark and cutting a convincing figure as the nation's first female president.”

Clinton Makes History, Clearing Multiple Hurdles At Philly Convention, NPR



“The video will be largely centered on Mrs. Clinton’s Mother, Dorothy Rodham, who was born into poverty and neglect on the day that the United States Senate affirmed a woman’s right to vote.”

Hillary Clinton Turns to Shonda Rhimes of ABC to Create Video of her Life, The New York Times



“She walked a fine line, trying to maintain an optimistic tone and arguing that, contra Trump, America is already great, while also acknowledging the frustrations that fueled Sanders and Trump in the primaries.”

How Hillary Clinton Made Her Case to America, Time



“Chelsea was going to upstage Hillary with a barnburner or tear-jerker. Chelsea wasn’t there to pump up the crowd. Her role was to comfort, to explain, to cajole, with an eye toward giving Americans a glimpse of her mother’s softer side.”

How Chelsea Beat Ivanka at Being a Candidate Daughter, The Atlantic

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