#DemsInPhilly: Day Three

The penultimate day of the convention featured touching speeches from current Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential hopeful Tim Kaine, a return of the “Fight Song,” a cameo appearance from former New York Mayor Bloomberg, and the stirring moment when President Obama passed the torch to Hillary Clinton.


What else happened during day three? Here’s a round-up of the news.



“When he invoked Donald Trump's name at one point, and the crowd booed, Obama chastened them. ‘Don't boo — vote,’ he said.”

Watch President Obama Give Empassioned Speech on Trump at DNC, Rolling Stone



“It wasn't just Obama's liberal use of conservative imagery that touched those on the right, though. The speech was carefully crafted to bring Trump skeptics into the fold with malice toward none and charity for all, to paraphrase another Republican president.”

How Obama’s Speech Won Over #NeverTrump Conservatives, NBC News



“But would Hillary Clinton herself be able to seal the deal on the last night? Never known as a big-venue speechmaker, Clinton will face a make-or-break moment with multiple pitfalls, varying objectives and a variety of critical audiences.”

Convention Speeches Soar, Raise A Question: Can Clinton Connect With Ordinary People?, NPR



“He at once presented the clearest statement of his political philosophy and attached it to the woman he wants to succeed him.”

Obama hands back the baton as he prepares to exit national stage, The Washington Post



“The stakes are high. The issues are very sharp. There will be a real convergence around the core ideas of the campaign.”

Democrat’s Divisions Linger but Parties Have Seen Far Worse, The New York Times

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