#FreeSpeech in the News: April 10, 2017

As the Citadel of Free Speech here in Cleveland, we work to protect and promote the basis of our democracy by sharing related stories, commentary, and opinions on free speech in the 21st century. Here's what's making the news - and what you should know about - this week.


“But Americans’ devotion to the First Amendment can be expected only to weaken annually if we continue to graduate college students reared in the new regime of intolerance establishing ever-more beachheads on our campuses.”

Who’s Violating Campus Free Speech? Follow The Money, Forbes


“This is Australia in 2017, and now is the time that we must make a stand for freedom of speech.”

Liberal defenders of free speech curiously silent over banning of Basem Tamimi, The Guardian


“The U.S. cannot control other developed nations’ internal policies. However, especially as Chancellor Merkel is hailed as the new “leader of the free world,” the Trump administration should speak out against European censorship and consider steps to limit its effects on Americans.”

Trump should speak out against Europe’s effort to suppress free speech, The Hill


“Twitter Inc has not had a lot to celebrate lately, but a U.S. government demand that it reveal the identity of an account criticizing President Donald Trump's immigration policies gave the company a chance to assume one of its favorite roles: defender of free speech.”

Twitter Reveals in Role of Free Speech Defender as It Sues Trump Administration, U.S. News & World Report


“The effect of such free speech zones is to prevent students from interacting with their peers and having the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas.”

How a college student in California is fighting for his free speech rights, USA Today

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