As the Citadel of Free Speech here in Cleveland, we work to protect and promote the basis of our democracy by sharing related stories, commentary, and opinions on free speech in the 21st century. Here's what's making the news – and what you should know about – in the past week.


"I don't always agree and like what you guys write, but you have a right to do it, and I'm a constitutional conservative and I'm just going to leave it at that."

Ryan backs free speech amid Trump threat, ABC News


"As it happens, the law is much more expansive, protecting any “concerted activities” that employees engage in to support one another in the workplace, whether or not a union is involved."

N.F.L. Players May Have an Ally in Their Protests: Labor Law, New York Times


"Wilkin says he hopes to appoint the task force in the next month. The group will include faculty, administrators and students."

University of Illinois to create free speech task force, Peoria Public Radio


"At Los Angeles Pierce College, a student was attempting to distribute copies of the U.S. Constitution and recruit new members for their YAL chapter when he was approached by a Pierce administrator who told him that “literature” could not be distributed outside the designated free speech zone."

Restricted speech becoming more common across college campuses, The Hill


"An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that “it would be hard to ban hate speech because people can’t agree what speech is hateful,” including 78 percent of Democrats, 77 percent of Latinos, and 59 percent of African Americans."

America's Many Divides Over Free Speech, The Atlantic


"Leading that pack of misinterpreters has been President Trump, who has taken breaks from bigger problems in the world to call for the protesting players and Jemele Hill, who described Trump in another social media blast as a “white supremacist,” to be fired."

Free speech is more than a ‘right-wing’ cause, The Chicago Tribune


"Trump’s attacks on the NFL and ESPN while they are vulnerable could have a chilling effect on free speech."

The attempt to silence free speech, The Philadelphia Tribune



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