#FreeSpeech in the News: September 5, 2017

As the Citadel of Free Speech here in Cleveland, we work to protect and promote the basis of our democracy by sharing related stories, commentary, and opinions on free speech in the 21st century. Here's what's making the news – and what you should know about – in the past week.


“The First Amendment limits the government from regulating free speech; it does not limit your boss. This also applies to what you post on social media or say on a radio call-in show.”

Political rants at work lack free-speech protection, The Columbus Dispatch


"The antifa also disrupted the 2,000-person anti-racism rally that was taking place to counter the far right. By breaching the peace, the antifa damped the free speech of the peaceful anti-racists."

Police Have to Protect the People and Free Speech, Bloomberg


"After planned weekend rallies were violently disrupted or canceled, supporters of President Donald Trump and other politically conservative activists complained their free speech rights were blocked by liberal politicians who they say incited left-wing extremists."

Anarchist rampage in Berkeley renews free speech debate, ABC News


"The only way to draw the right line—that between expression and violence—is to recognize that the First Amendment is as much about freedom as it is about speech."

Do armed Neo-Nazis have First Amendment rights to protest?, Newsweek


"This common-sense legislation is based on a simple premise; that the laws, policies, and conduct of Ohio’s public universities be fully consistent with the First Amendment."

Ohio’s Campus Free Speech Act helps build free minds, free people, The Hill


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