Fund for Our Economic Future should be investing in resolving Cleveland's racial issues: Letter to the Editor

The Reverends Moss and Campbell brought both historic and fresh insights to the timely discussion of racial issues at the City Club on Dec. 12. Rev. Campbell proposed that in confrontation between the races, we ask whether the "other side" would consider alternative views and Rev. Moss reminded us there is a real economic cost to discrimination and injustice.

This discussion came in the week the Fund for Our Economic Future gave an accounting of its 10-year foundation effort to revitalize the economy of northern Ohio ("After 10 years and $100 million, Fund for Our Economic Future at a crossroads," Plain Dealer, Dec. 10). One could not help but wonder whether the region would be better off today if the Fund had devoted a significant part of its $100 million to invest in the resolution of our human racial and social issues, both to capture the unrealized potential of its minority populations and reduce the tremendous social costs of discrimination and injustice -- missions more in line with its institutional experiences and resources.

Art Brooks,

Cleveland Heights

Republished with permission of City Club member Arthur Brooks

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