Global Cleveland Welcomes Anne Richard

Cleveland settles approximately 700 refugees per year and it is our desire at Global Cleveland to see this number increase.  The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says that there are nearly 60 million people classified as refugees today. While Syrian refugees have been the focus of much of the national dialogue on refugees, it’s important to note that our region has settled a small number of Syrian refugees. We are excited to welcome Assistant Secretary Richards because her presentation will help dispel many myths about refugees and provide an opportunity for better understanding of the refugee community. We hope that through this presentation and the Q&A that follows, our community will become a more welcoming one to individuals who have faced inconceivable circumstances, which have forced them out of their native land. 


Global Cleveland’s Welcoming goal is to to create a welcoming region that is a place of opportunity and prosperity for people of all racial, ethnic and international backgrounds. In collaboration with the Refugee Services Collaborative, which is also a co-Community partner for this City Club event, we work to ensure that refugees are supported and welcomed into the Greater Cleveland community.


Please consider joining the Global Cleveland staff and many others who are interested in this topic at the City Club on February 12th. You can purchase your ticket that includes the presentation and lunch at or by calling 216-621-0082. If you are unable to attend, you can hear Ms. Richards on the City Club’s live webcast on, or listen to her presentation on WCPN 90.3 FM at 12:30 pm on February 12th. Consult ideastream’s online schedule for rebroadcasts of this special event.

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