Health is Wealth and Vitality

This week, the Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) will release the 2017 Health Value Dashboard for the State of Ohio, which ranks health outcomes with healthcare costs.  In its last ranking in 2014, HPIO reported Ohio as 47th in value, with Ohioans living less healthy lives and spending more on health care than people in most other states. Improving health value means people live longer with better quality of life, consumers have access to healthcare services that are affordable, and employers pay less money for their employee’s health care.


Greater Cleveland can thrive as a hub of business growth and opportunity; but that’s only possible with a healthy workforce.


Cleveland is often referred to as a health care mecca, with some of the best health care treatment and facilities in the nation.  However, according to the 2015 County Health Rankings, Cuyahoga County ranks in the bottom third of all 88 counties in Ohio for residents’ health outcomes. Even though Cuyahoga County ranks consistently in the top 10 in the state for clinical care (measured by access to and quality of care), this has not made our residents healthier. That’s because the conditions that shape health are not spread equitably across the county.


With the rapidly changing health care policy landscape, delivery and payment reforms often drive what care is received, where care is delivered, and when the care is provided. How can we transform health care from volume to value?  What are the best ways to build a culture of health in the places where people live, learn, work, play, and worship - to make the healthy choice the easy choice? And how do we work together to confront the causes of health inequity?


The City Club of Cleveland provides a forum where civil, civic dialogue can engage on the future of health care and health improvement in our region. The City Club Health Committee works with staff to ensure diverse views and engaging insight on health issues are part of The City Club’s programming. Check out the upcoming lineup of our healthcare innovation series:


We hope you will join us to be part of these conversations of consequence. Your health and the health of the community are at stake.

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