Know Your Rights

The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland is honored to serve as a community partner for the City Club’s Law Day program, “Constitutional Challenges: Miranda Meets the 21st Century.” 

2016’s Law Day centers around one of the best known Supreme Court cases, Miranda v. Arizona, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this June. This case established the well-known Miranda Warning, which advises criminal suspects being interrogated by police of their right to remain silent and their right to representation. This theme provides an opportunity to continue a timely discussion surrounding the importance of procedural fairness and access to justice. 

It is important to note that while there is a constitutional right to counsel in criminal cases, there is no civil right to counsel in the United States.  When someone is faced with the loss of something as basic as shelter, income, safety or education, the best response is often the use of our legal system.  But, if you are facing the loss of shelter, safety or economic security, you have no right to counsel.  This is where Legal Aid – a private nonprofit – works to fill this gap in the judicial system.

Legal Aid uses the power of the law to ensure access to basic needs and lift people out of poverty.  A legal solution is often the key to keeping your home, to securing a protective order to be free of an abusive relationship, or getting your child the extra help they are entitled to in school.  

We welcome Cait T. Clarke to Cleveland, and are looking forward to hearing her thoughts on how to ensure justice is secured for low income individuals.

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