#RNCinCLE: Day 2

We’re back with Tuesday’s coverage. We’re providing daily updates on to keep you up to date on what’s happening right here in Cleveland.


Here are some highlights from day two.

“This is public square, where people have colorfully baited and debated one another since before Ohio was a state.”

In Cleveland’s Public Square, Rights are Exercised. Loudly. NYTimes


“But compare the amount of money and manpower dedicated to protecting the powerful, and those proximate to the powerful, myself included, during the three national political conventions that I have attended; and the money and manpower spent on protecting the jet set with airport security; to the comparative dearth of resources in cities like Cleveland, where there were 118 homicides reported in 2015, or Chicago, where 493 homicides were reported last year.”

The Privilege of Extraordinary Police Protection, The Atlantic


“Hillary Clinton was mentioned by name 96 times — compared to only 60 for Trump itself. Each prepared speech averaged only 3.33 references to Trump by name.”

Trump Shares the Spotlight During RNC Day 2, Politico


“But the final roll call was decisive: 1,725 delegates for Trump, followed by 425 for Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), 120 for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, 114 for Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.), seven for retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, three for former Florida governor Jeb Bush and two for Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.).”

As Trump Captures Nomination, Former Rivals Prepare to Take the Stage, The Washington Post

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