#RNCinCLE: Day 3

Can’t make it downtown to take in the RNC? No problem, stay looped in here. We’re providing daily updates on what’s happening in and around Cleveland.


Here are highlights from day three:


“Not since the parties and their nominees began carefully scripting these quadrennial affairs a generation ago have we seen such an outburst of dueling egos and counterproductive emotion.”

Trump-Cruz Feud Flares Anew on Third Night of Convention, NPR


“A memorial of a different sort helped Chulak make sense of the many contradictions and crosscurrents of this week in Cleveland. The dominant structure in the Public Square is a Civil War memorial with a 125-foot-high granite shaft and various sculpture reliefs inside depicting Abraham Lincoln emancipating the slaves and conferring with his generals. From Lincoln to Trump seemed to him a long way, as great a distance as between the killing fields of the Civil War and those of the America of today. But, still, in many ways it came back to race.”

We Are All Now Black and Blue, The Washington Post


“It was the type of speech that would have validated Trump’s stated confidence that his pick would deliver party unity, had Cruz not stolen the show in dramatic fashion.”

Pence Takes Convention Stage with Republican Unity Elusive, Bloomberg


“Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party said the group organized the burning of the American flag as a ‘political statement about the crimes of the American empire. There’s nothing great about America.’”

Cleveland Police Arrest Protesters After Flag Burning Outside RNC, PBS NewsHour

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