#RNCinCLE: Day 4

Last night was the finale of the 2016 RNC. After enduring a failed final stand by the #NeverTrump movement,“speech-gate,” and Senator Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement, Donald J. Trump accepted the Republican nomination for President in a 85-minute speech, the longest acceptance speech in over 40 years.


Here are the highlights from the final day of the RNC.


“‘She's very eloquent, she speaks very well and I think that she could help mold the way he talks to women.’”

Ivanka Trump Reaches Out to Women, Urges Support for them in Workforce, NPR


“Fittingly for a campaign driven more by personality than by policy, Trump’s speech Thursday was singularly—and perhaps excessively—focused on himself as a messianic figure.”

I am Your Voice, The Atlantic


“The groups interested in protest failed to forge a broad, unifying coalition that could bring together protesters in coordinated opposition.”

Why are the Protests at the Republican Convention so Small?, The Washington Post


“The city was edgy with anticipation earlier this week, and some people are spoiling for a fight. But if you avoid the small spectacles of religious extremists and combative revolutionaries — which draw all the cameras and onlookers — you’ll see general comity.”

We Were Promised A Riot. In Cleveland We Got A Party Instead, The Washington Post

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