#RNCinCLE: Day One

The Republican National Convention (RNC) officially began yesterday! We’re providing daily updates on to keep you up to date on what’s happening right here in Cleveland.


Here’s some highlights from day one.


“When journalists are endangered, you can be sure that free expression is under siege.”

Near and Far, the ‘Worst Moment’ for Journalists in Memory, The Washington Post


“Amid a widening gap between rich a poor, nothing screams income inequality louder than cities, including Cleveland and Philadelphia, case studies in renewal and gentrification, but also in crushing decline.”

Sparking and Blighted Convention Cities Spotlight Ignored Urban Issues, The New York Times


“The uneasy truce between demonstrators and the city will depend in part on how well the police are able to maintain calm. And, as the least predictable and stage-managed convention in years, that’s no sure bet.”

The Security Challenge in Cleveland, The Atlantic


“And even though the crowd was contained, it was clear that the animosity that’s been simmering between Republicans and Democrats, minority groups and the police, immigrants and citizens—and pretty much everyone this election cycle—has bubbled up to the surface in Cleveland. People on all sides are cautiously anticipating the boiling point.”

Republican Convention Dairy: Riot Gear and Hugs in Cleveland, Wired

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