Why Jen Bricker won't say "can't"

When we've been spreading the word about Jen Bricker's upcoming appearance at the City Club, we've continually found that describing her as "aerialist and acrobat" doesn't quite cut it. In the world of journalism, it's referred to as "burying the lede." Here's the thing--Jen Bricker was born without legs. 

Her story is incredible. It's been told on 20/20 and through news outlets all over the world. And if you have even a few minutes, it's worth watching a little bit of this. 

If you get deep into it, you soon come across the other kind of amazing part of the story. She was adopted at birth because her birth parents didn't feel they could adequately care for her. Her biological sister is Olympic gymnast (and Clevelander) Dominique Moceanu. 

And that whole thing about not saying "can't"--she owes that to her adopted parents. 

Often, when I write these posts, I try to give a little context, and a little bit of a reason why you should consider coming. With Jen Bricker, I'm at a bit of a loss. She's simply one of the most inspiring people you might ever come across, and she's coming to Cleveland to speak at the City Club. 

She's coming as part of our Annual Robert D. Gries Forum on Inspiration. If you know Bob at all, you understand immediately why Jen's story resonates with him. If you don't, well, he's kind of a Cleveland legend, he's really into adventures with interesting people, and September 17th would be a great time to meet him (and Jen!) 

By the way, there's a lot more video of her on her website.

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