Committees are the primary place where City Club members get involved and contribute their talents to make our community stronger and create programming for the Club. If you're interested in joining any of these committees or starting a new committee, please get in touch with our Director of Programming.

Member-led Committees

The Debate Committee ensures that debates hosted by the City Club meet the criteria of being races of significant consequence and importance for Northeast Ohio to best serve the community. They engage with campaigns to organize the debates, select moderators, and solicit questions from community members.

The Education team creates City Club forums and events focused on public education reform, educational innovation, and other issues shaping the future of schools in Greater Cleveland and around the world.

The Health Committee provides oversight and vision for City Club programs focused on community health, health care delivery, health policy, and innovation.

The Neighborhoods and Communities team focuses on forums and events that have to do with the future of our neighborhoods and the workings of Cleveland's vibrant network of community development professionals.

The Sustainability team creates City Club programs focused on environmental issues, including energy, stewardship, conservation, and climate.

The World Affairs team is a joint programming committee with our partners at the Cleveland Council on World Affairs. Its members work with local political science professors to create highly engaging forums addressing international affairs and policy.

Board Committees

The Program Committee provides oversight, vision, and coordination to member-led teams and programming staff. The committee meets every other month. It is chaired by a member of Board of Directors and comprised of other directors and City Club members.

The Advancement Committee guides staff in creating and executing development, marketing, and membership strategies to grow the City Club's audience and relevance and strengthen the fiscal health of the organization. The committee is chaired by a Director. Service on the committee is open to City Club members.

The Governance Committee ensures that the Board of Directors does what it is supposed to do. Its members also work with staff to nominate new directors when seats become available, to make recommendations regarding board officers, and to vet any proposed changes to the City Club's regulations and charter documents. Membership is limited to current board members.

The Executive Committee meets monthly to provide oversight of all City Club activity. It is comprised of all the officers of the Board and the immediate past president.

The Finance Committee provides oversight of City Club finances, to review all financial documents and audits, and to set budgets.