Adoption in America Today: The Good, the Bad, and a Path to Reform

"We have to acknowledge the basic human rights for everyone involved in adoptions." April Dinwoodie
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April Dinwoodie

Chief Executive, The Donaldson Adoption Institute, Inc.

When adoption processes and practices are ethical, parents and professionals are informed, and children are at the center, the extended family of adoption can be a model for a truly evolved definition of family. A lack of uniform laws, regulations and consistent standards, coupled with a lack of education, can leave everyone in the extended family of adoption unprepared and vulnerable, including children, parents and professionals. After decades of research, passionate advocacy and practical experiences - why haven’t policies and practices on behalf of children and families moved far enough and fast enough? 


Join us for a conversation with April Dinwoodie, Chief Executive of The Donaldson Adoption Institute, Inc. and a transracially-adopted person, as she explores how a modern understanding of adoption, more education, and collective action can ultimately strengthen all families.


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