Building an Infrastructure of Opportunity in Cleveland

"It is truly unconscionable that we have inter-generational economic stickiness at the bottom of the ladder." David Dodson
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David Dodson

President, MDC

Studies have found that nearly half of American men who grew up in households with incomes in the bottom 20 percent never rise out of poverty—half as many as in other wealthy countries. The reason is the debilitating nature of deep poverty—poor nutrition, inadequate schools, and the cost of higher education. These are barriers that few can overcome.


The answer to this challenge is equity—leveling the track so no one's climb is too steep. That's different from equality, which says everyone is allowed at the starting line. Equity means providing those with the toughest climb the support they need to get there.


Join us for a conversation with David Dodson, President of MDC, on how equity can be created by removing the barriers in people's way and helping families take advantage of all the supports available to them—in health, nutrition, tax credits, and education.


Tickets: $20 members/$35 nonmembers

The David Warshawsky Memorial Forum


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This forum is the annual Eugene H. Freedheim Lecture, part of The Center's 74th Annual Human Services Institute.

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