Dinner + Dialogue: Rebuilding Struggling Housing Markets

Christopher Alvarado and Justin Fleming

This event is sold out. 


As interest in urban living continues to increase, housing is in demand. While some neighborhoods - Downtown, Ohio City, and Tremont, for example - have seen population and housing prices increase in the last five years, other neighborhoods are still struggling to return their housing markets to normality.


Slavic Village, formerly the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis, saw its housing decimated. A few factors - declining population brought on by a loss of factory and mill jobs, houses in poor or unlivable conditions, and a rise in poverty and crime - all coalesced to bring the neighborhood to near collapse. Glenville experienced drastic population decline in the 1960's and 1970's due to the Hough riots, the Glenville uprising, and redlining - all practices that contributed to white flight and erosion of the African-American middle class.


Today, both neighborhoods are lauded by urban planners as places to be preserved and renewed, and are employing a variety of strategies to refurbish and rebuild homes. Is it working? What will it take to rebuild these neighborhoods?


Join us for a Dinner + Dialogue discussion with Slavic Village Development Executive Director Christopher Alvarado and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress Director of Real Estate Services Justin Fleming on their experiences in rebuilding previously failed housing markets. 


Location: Saucisson

                5324 Fleet Avenue

                Cleveland, OH 44105


Tickets: $25 (includes taco bar and drinks)


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