City Club in the Square: Press, Politics, and the Public Good

"This election has opened me up to a new reality. There isn't always two sides to every story." Henry J. Gomez
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A Panel Discussion

The 2016 presidential race continues to defy expectations: major party candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can't escape scandals, questions of party unity abound, and third party candidates are gaining momentum in key states. Day in and day out every moment of the race is being reported by the mainstream media, but what are we really learning?


Is the media being responsible in their election coverage? Is their coverage influencing candidates' standing in the polls - and the election itself? What kind of precedent is being set for future presidential elections?


Bringing back a tradition that is nearly 100 years old, the City Club is proud to host a free civic conversation on Public Square.  Join us for our second City Club in the Square forum as CEO Dan Moulthrop moderates a discussion on the electorate, the media, and the 2016 presidential election.


Panelists include:

Cyndra Miller Cole, Assistant Lecturer, Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at The University of Akron

Henry J. Gomez, Chief Political Reporter,

M.L. Schultze, Digital Editor, Reporter/Producer, WKSU 89.7

The WCLV Forum Endowed by Robert and Jean Conrad

This forum is sponsored by Albert and Audrey Ratner.

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  • Jovonne

    I feel that it is more that can be done to help our youth the next generation of Youth to be redirected and a more positive educational path

  • Wendy Dahar

    Thank you for hosting this free forum in Public Square. It was a great opportunity to hear the panelist during a lunch hour in Public Square. I would love to see future free forums in the square.