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A Panel Discussion

Ron Book is an extremely powerful lobbyist from Florida. When he found out his daughter was molested by her nanny, he used his political capital to pass some of the harshest laws against abusers. They’ve actually rendered some former offenders homeless. But with nearly 800,000 people in the sex offender registry today, are kids safer? In Untouchable those studying the statistics say no. In fact, they think it’s doing more harm than good. There’s also a lot of false data about the rates of recidivism. Furthermore, with the definition of “sex offender” being so broad, teens who sext may find themselves in the same boat as a pedophile. The film offers a balanced view of the issue from both sides of the equation. While it’s hard to fault Book and his well-intentioned agenda, there’s still room for empathy and a goal of reform, rather than just punishment. By challenging our own opinions on the matter, this extraordinary film will leave viewers feeling uneasy. By doing so, it sets the table for a much needed discussion that will continue long after you leave the theater.

Panelists include:

David Feige, Director of Untouchable 

Ian Friedman, Partner, Friedman & Nemeck, LLC

This conversation will be moderated by ideastream Host/Producer Rick Jackson. 


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