Representative Reporting: News from a Divided Country

"I always tell kids what you think about, you bring about." Sheinelle Jones
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Sheinelle Jones

Journalist and News Anchor, NBC News

In the last 20 years, the news business has changed. The advent of fake news, social media, and self-curated news feeds has led legacy news organizations to reinvent themselves and develop a new understanding of the mission of the Fourth Estate.


Wichita native Sheinelle Jones has spent her career as a reporter and news anchor for news stations in Illinois, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania before being hired by NBC News in 2014. She's interviewed such notable figures as Senator Barack Obama and covered human interest stories ranging from the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama to Ryan Ferguson, a young man who spent 10 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.


Join us as Sheinelle Jones, Co-Anchor for NBC News Weekend TODAY, shares her experiences as an African-American journalist in today's changing media landscape.

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This program is part of the KeyBank Diversity Thought Leadership Series

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