Embracing Civil, Human, and Women's Rights under a New Administration

"You march. You walk. You organize. You email. You support." Susan L. Hall
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Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Dr. E. Faye Williams

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During Barack Obama’s presidency, the Department of Justice was aggressive in pursuing the broadest interpretation of civil rights law, with government lawyers addressing cases involving transgender students, juvenile prisoners, gay rights, policing, and criminal justice, among others.


President Donald J. Trump’s first month in office provides a stark contrast. In his first few weeks, President Trump has pushed the boundaries of Executive Action and has called in to question the role of the Judiciary and Legislative branches. His controversial travel and refugee ban, the reinstatement of the "global gag rule", and his surrogates' persistent talk of cracking down on nonexistent widespread voter fraud has civil and human rights advocates anxious.


What becomes of civil and human rights under President Trump? Join us, on the 49th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr's assassination, for a conversation with Susan L. Hall, Director of Community Relations and Curator, Cleveland History Center of the Western Reserve Historical Society, and Rev. Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., President of the National Congress of Black Women.


Tickets: $20 members/$35 nonmembers.

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