RNC2016: Mark Everson's Six Point Plan for America

"I advocate the path to citizenship because I want all of us pulling together in the same direction." Mark Everson
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Mark Everson

Republican Candidate for President

In the months leading up to the Republican National Convention, The City Club of Cleveland will be hosting programs featuring presidential candidates and other conversations about the policies and ideas that are shaping the future of our nation.


First in this series is a discussion with former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner and current Republican candidate for president, Mark Everson. In his March 5th announcement, Everson called for tax reform, national service, entitlement reform, and an immigration overhaul, in addition to calling on banks to follow the law. Join us to learn more about the second point in Mr. Everson's six point plan: the lawlessness of the big banks and what to do about it. 


Tickets: $20 members /$35 nonmembers


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