The Future of our Political System

"I think there's an opportunity in this new political order to do big things." John Boehner
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John Boehner

53rd Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

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The presidential election of 2016 is historic - and not just because it featured the first female nominee of a major political party pitted against a famous real estate developer with no appointed, elected, or military experience. It can be argued that the themes that have dominated this election cycle, WikiLeaks daily release of emails, accusations of a possible rigged election, questions about the objectivity of the media - coupled with an overall increase in intolerance and decrease in civility - will reverberate throughout society long after the last ballot is cast on November 8.


Is our political system at a crossroads? What can we expect from Congress, our new President, and both major political parties after #Election2016?


Join us for a conversation with John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, on the future of American politics after this historic election cycle. 

Tickets: $20 members/$35 nonmembers.

The Richard W. and Patricia R. Pogue Endowed Forum

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