The Happy Dog Takes on the World: How to Get Smarter about the World

"Who owns the means of speech? What does it mean to build a media system? " Ivan Sigal
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Ivan Sigal

Executive Director, Global Voices

The world isn't quite as large as it used to be. Advances in technology and communication can bring people together like never before, oftentimes so they can serve as a catalyst for change. And with increasing news coverage, we are aware of civil unrest in the Middle East, the emerging threat of ISIS, and the Ebola epidemic in Africa. With all of this information at our fingertips, how do we know what issues to focus on? Are there stories the media isn't telling us? How can we become better informed global citizens?


Join Ivan Sigal, Executive Director of Global Voices, a volunteer community of more than 800 writers, analysts and online media experts, and others in a free discussion on how you can get smarter about the world.


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