The Responsive City: Open Data and the Future of Northeast Ohio

"Data and technology need to be part of what a city does to get things done, policy, not just administrative" Susan Crawford
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Susan Crawford

Author, "The Responsive City: Engaging Communities through Data Smart Governance"

Susan Crawford is the author of The Responsive City: Engaging Communities through Data Smart Governance. The book is a guide to civic engagement and governance in the digital age that will help leaders link important breakthroughs in about technology and big data analytics with age-old lessons of small-group community input to create more agile, competitive, and economically resilient cities.

Ms. Crawford is the John A. Reilly Visiting Professor in Intellectual Property at the Harvard Law School and a co-director of the Berkman Center.She is also the author of Captive Audience:The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Guilded Age, and contributor to Bloomberg View. In 2009, she served as Special Assistant to the President for Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy and co-led the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tranisition team between the Bush and Obama administrations.


Join us as Ms. Crawford discusses how public officials, government staff and civic leaders can leverage new technologies and data platforms to fullfill the promise of effective and efficient local government. She will highlight the promising intersection of government and data through vivid case studies featuring municipal pioneers and big data success stories from Boston, Chicago, New York and more.

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