US-PAK Relations, as seen by a former Defence Minister of Pakistan

"The relations between America and Pakistan have been transactional. Friends? Yes. Allies? I don't think so." Shahid Hamid
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Shahid Hamid

Former Defence Minister of Pakistan; former Governor of Punjab Province

Even the casual observer of the United States' war in Afghanistan would recognize the crucial importance of our nation's relationship with Pakistan. The 69-year-old Muslim nation shares a 1,400 mile border with Afghanistan and is the site not only of the killing of Osama Bin Laden, but also more than 400 drone strikes since 2004. With a population of 199 million people, Pakistan represents extraordinary economic diversity, with modern cities of Lahore and Islamabad and undeveloped tribal regions along the Afghan border.


Join us for a conversation with Shahid Hamid, former Defence Minister of Pakistan and former Governor of Punjab province, and hear the view from inside this complex society.

Tickets: $20 members/$35 nonmembers.

The Ibn Sina Society Forum at The City Club of Cleveland

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