What Will it Really Take to Improve Population Health?

"In health, we tend to be big-hearted people who want to help. Sometimes, we also need to be the enforcer." Dr. Thomas Farley
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Thomas Farley, MD, MPH

CEO, The Public Good Projects; Former Commissioner of Health for New York City

Well-intentioned efforts to improve the health of populations rarely succeed, usually because they have too little impact or reach too few people. Solving this problem requires thinking differently about health determinants and levers to change them.


As Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene from May 2009 to June 2014, Thomas Farley, MD, MPH advocated for innovative public policies, including making the city's parks and beaches smoke-free, prohibiting price discounting on cigarettes, raising the legal sales age of tobacco to 21, capping portion sizes of sugary drinks sold in restaurants, and restricting the burning of air-polluting dirty fuels to heat building.


Join us for a conversation with Dr. Farley, now CEO of The Public Good Projects, on opportunities to have a meaningful impact on the most important underlying causes of death in populations.


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