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Business & Economy

Help Wanted: Training for Tomorrow's Jobs Today

Friday, April 20, 2018
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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"Our system is broken. And what it's going to take is redefining what is the purpose of education in our current economy." – Terrence S. Robinson, Ed.D.

The United States is experiencing a rapid and profound transition from an industrial economy to a digital, global, and knowledge-based and service-based economy. Like much of America, our city and region hasstruggled with this economic transition. The Two Tomorrows, a recent report from the Fund for Our Economic Future, reminds us, “Northeast Ohio’s economy is over-weighted in industries that are not growing nationally. This is largely due to the region’s legacy in manufacturing, an industry that has struggled nationally and even more so locally.”

As the regional economy evolves, a significant portion is still driven by manufacturing and trades. Increasingly, those jobs are changing—depending more and more on computers, technology, and automation. Hospitality and healthcare also contribute to the mix in meaningful ways. In every discussion about the future of our regional economy, one question looms large: how do we ensure we have the workforce ready for the next economic wave?

We're embarking on a three-part series to examine the workforce development challenges and opportunities facing the region. In Northeast Ohio, there is a plethora of job seekers and open positions, yet there is often a disconnect between the workers' skillset and the skills needed for the job. How can we bridge the gap?

Join us for the first forum in the series, a conversation with local leaders implementing innovative job transition, apprenticeship, and workforce development programs.

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