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Local Matters

City Circulation: Cleveland’s New Mobility Conversation

Friday, July 26, 2019
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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"We should be designing our roads and communities so people can bike for health, sustainability, transportation." – Deltrece Daniels

Mobility and transit have inspired many poignant conversations around Cleveland, taking place in homes, classrooms, and even many times at the City Club. As we continue to grapple with efficiency and meaning around transportation and community building, a new concept centering city circulation has come to the forefront of conversations.

These themes are described in Cleveland’s Mobility Imperative: Designing for flow and meaningful interaction, a new report from the Cleveland Foundation. In it, authors Justin Glanville and Richey Piiparinen evaluate Cleveland as an example of city successes and missteps in urban circulation. They explain that, “just as for living beings, circulation in cities equals life; stagnation equals death.”

The report goes beyond how to effectively and efficiently move people to and from specific places to explore how this movement affects people, ideas, and stories and leads to community connections in physical, emotional, social, and economic ways. The report encourages us to recognize societal factors such as increased migration, gentrification, and changing wealth patterns that could help in the progression of Cleveland’s circulation. Now, more than ever, this constant flow of goods and ideas is vital for city-making and the life of society at all levels. How can we improve ours?

Join us for a conversation around community building and progress, and how we can attempt to create space for meaningful interactions.

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