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Rethinking Education: The Impact of AI in Schools


Rethinking Education: The Impact of AI in Schools

Thursday, October 26, 2023
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Doors at 11:15am / Lunch at 11:30am / Forum begins 12:00pm

The City Club of Cleveland - NEW LOCATION!
1317 Euclid Avenue, Suite 100 Cleveland, OH 44115

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"That's our job in education, to continually evolve." – Rennie Greenfield

Since November 2022, when Chat GPT opened the floodgates of public use of AI (Artificial Intelligence), there has been a rapid and profound transformation taking place in the field of education. This technological revolution has ignited numerous discussions about its potential impact on the way students learn. The integration of AI into schools has become a topic of immense interest, mirroring the transformative shifts that the pandemic brought to the education system. As we venture into the realms of AI; educators, parents, and students are actively exploring how this innovative technology can reshape learning methods while also recognizing and addressing potential challenges and implications.

Much like how colleges and universities adjusted their admissions processes during the pandemic, AI's integration is also altering the traditional landscape of standardized testing. In some educational institutions, standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are becoming optional, or are being phased out altogether. Schools are considering new ways to assess student performance by tapping into the potential of AI for personalized assessments and feedback.

While AI offers exciting possibilities for transforming education, its implementation requires careful examination of the potential advantages and shortcomings. Critics argue that standardized testing, like AI algorithms, can exacerbate educational disparities and socioeconomic disadvantages. The rise of AI-driven assessments sparks concerns about fairness, equity, and privacy.

Join us at the City Club as the Youth Forum Council welcomes John Panza, Associate English Professor at Tri-C and Rennie Greenfield, Librarian/Instruction Technologist at Hawken School to discuss the impact that AI is having on education.

Tickets are free for high school students. Contact Ariana Smith at to register your school or student.


The livestream will be available beginning at 12:00pm. Have questions? Tweet them at @TheCityClub or send a text to 330.541.5794.

Production and distribution of City Club forums in partnership with Ideastream Public Media is generously provided by PNC and the United Black Fund.

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1317 Euclid Avenue, Suite 100
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