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The "New" College Process

Youth-Led Forum

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

The City Club of Cleveland - NEW LOCATION!
1317 Euclid Avenue, Suite 100 Cleveland, OH 44115

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"Everyone benefits from having a diverse learning environment." – Cristina Sanchez Wayton

In June 2023, the Supreme Court made a landmark decision to overturn a 50-year precedent, ending the practice of Affirmative Action. This decision brought Affirmative Action to the forefront of public discourse during the summer, and it continues to be a prominent topic as educational institutions reopen. While Affirmative Action is commonly associated with university admissions, its roots trace back to 1935, but it gained significant attention in 1961 with John F. Kennedy's Executive Order 10925, aimed at advancing racial equality. Since then, it has intermittently made headlines, evolving in public perception.

Another critical facet of the college application process that has endured through the years is academic tracking. Academic tracking is a method employed by many secondary schools to categorize students based on their perceived abilities, IQ, or achievement levels. Students are classified into high, middle, or low tracks to provide them with a curriculum and instruction tailored to their unique needs. Proponents of academic tracking argue that it offers an effective solution for accommodating diverse learning abilities within the same classroom. Conversely, critics contend that academic tracking exacerbates disparities, particularly for students below grade level, and creates obstacles for individuals attempting to catch up to their peers.

We invite you to join us for a thought-provoking conversation that delves into these critical aspects and more of the college admissions process. We will explore how these factors impact both students and educators and endeavor to gain insights into what the future holds for college applicants.

Tickets are free for high school students. Contact Ariana Smith at to register your school or student.


The livestream will be available beginning at 12:00pm. Have questions? Tweet them at @TheCityClub or send a text to 330.541.5794.

Production and distribution of City Club forums in partnership with Ideastream Public Media is generously provided by PNC and the United Black Fund.

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Our New Address

1317 Euclid Avenue, Suite 100
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

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